Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
13 - 21 May 2023
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour undergoes brand refresh ahead of 2022 edition
Published on Wednesday 18 May 2022

The brand refresh includes an updated logo, brand identity and social media strategy, as well as a newly-launched website. 

The Mare Nostrum Swim Tour is proud to reveal its brand-new identity to its audience and the whole world of sports and sporting events. This results from the very strong will of the organizers to put Mare Nostrum on a long-term footing going forward, thanks to the strong reputation it has developed since the first edition took place in 1994. To begin, the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour’s set of logos have undergone a small refresh, with touches of modernism being added and the inclusion of the French, Monegasque and Catalan colours, while remaining consistent with the previous visual identity.

 By partnering up with Sweden-based Spring Media Group, the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour ensures all its stakeholders an enhanced user-experience. Indeed, this year’s edition sees the creation of a new website ( which provides a news feed, annual line-up of swimmers, logistical information and live broadcasts, among many other features.

Furthermore, a new social media strategy has been implemented ahead of the 2022 edition on the multiple platforms used by Mare Nostrum - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube - aiming to increase engagement with fans and swimmers of the event.

The Mare Nostrum Swim Tour is looking forward to bringing a high-quality experience to its audience and hopes that these changes will help them in achieving these objectives.

This long-term partnership with Spring Media also aims to increase the visibility of the event, with new ambitions regarding sponsoring and broadcasting matters. Fans all around the world will be able to watch live broadcasts of the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour 2022 for free on, thanks to the streaming solutions provided by StayLive (part of the Spring Media group).