Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
25 May - 2 June 2024
Trophy Rules

There are two individual classifications established by addition of the best score on the quotation table, realised during a final at each meeting of the Mare Nostrum Tour (Canet-en-Roussillon, Barcelona, Monaco).

At each meeting, and for each swimmer, the best performance on the quotation table will be accepted, without considering style nor distance:
- during an A final
- from ¼ finals of the speed tournament (Monaco)
- from the eight best times realised for classified tests (400m freestyle and IM in Monaco, 800m and 1500m in Barcelona and Canet)

The addition of the points obtained will designate the winner of the Women trophy and the Men trophy.

Mare Nostrum Trophy prize money (for Men and for Women separately):
1st place - 7 000€
2nd place - 2 000€
3rd place - 1 000€
4th place - 500€

For each event:
1st place - 350€
2nd place - 200€
3rd place - 100€

Mare Nostrum Swim Tour Record - 750€

30th Mare Nostrum Anniversary

Special award (1050€) for the swimmer who will win the same race in the 3 legs.

* For the 800/1500 freestyle. They have to participate in Monaco in at least one event


Find all the information below about the trophy rules and prize money, as well as the Monaco rules and prize money.