Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
25 May - 2 June 2024
Schedule 2024

Full Programme for Canet-en-Roussillon

Available in the attached PDF document.

Canet-en-Roussillon: Day 1 (25 May)

Event Heat/Final Time (Local) Time (GMT)
50m Backstroke Women Final 17H33 15H33
50m Backstroke Men Final 17H36 15H36
50m Freestyle Women Final 17H39 15H39
50m Freestyle Men Final 17H42 15H42
1500m Freestyle Women Final 17H59 15H59
400m Freestyle Men Final 18H05 16H05
200m Backstroke Women Final 18H09 16H15
200m Backstroke Men Final 18H13 16H13
100m Breaststroke Women Final 18H23 16H23
100m Breaststroke Men Final 18H27 16H27
200m Medley Women Final 18H31 16H31
400m Medley Men Final 18H38 16H38
100m Butterfly Women Final 18H48 16H48
100m Butterfly Men Final 18H52 16H52
200m Freestyle Women Final 18H56 16H56
200m Freestyle Men Final 19H00 17H00
End of Session 19H06 17H06