Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour
13 - 21 May 2023
Schedule 2022

Monaco: Day 1 (21 May)

Event Heat/Final Time (Local) Time (GMT)
50m Butterfly Men/Women 1/8 Final 16H30 14H30
50m Backstroke Men/Women 1/8 Final 16H36 14H36
50m Breaststroke Men/Women 1/8 Final 16H42 14H42
50m Freestyle Men/Women 1/8 Final 16H48 14H48
400m Freestyle Men Final 17H00 15H00
400m Medley Women Final 17H06 15H06
200m Breaststroke Men Final 17H20 15H20
100m Breaststroke Women Final 17H24 15H24
100m Freestyle Men Final 17H33 15H33
100m Freestyle Women Final 17H36 15H36
200m Butterfly Men Final 17H46 15H46
100m Butterfly Women Final 17H50 15H50
100m Backstroke Men Final 17H59 15H59
200m Backstroke Women Final 18H02 16H02
200m Medley Men Final 18H12 16H12
50m Butterfly Men/Women 1/4 Final 18H22 16H22
50m Backstroke Men/Women 1/4 Final 18H26 16H26
50m Breaststroke Men/Women 1/4 Final 18H30 16H30
50m Freestyle Men/Women 1/4 Final 18H34 16H34
End of Session 18H38 16H38

Live Broadcast Information

You can watch all the races live on the website!